First Aid Course Feedback

" Well informative" ( Anonymous)

" It gives me more confidence by doing it" ( Anonymous)

" Good knowledge and demonstrations" ( Anonymous)

" I think it is good for us and people to learn, Most of those who have kids." ( Anonymous)

" The course has been more interesting, that I would like continue doing it" ( Anonymous)

Food Hygiene Course Feedback

" I learned things I did not know before, I look forward to Level 3" (Anonymous)

" Training was effective, I would like to get level 3 for the future" (Anonymous)

" I really enjoyed coming to this training" ( Anonymous)

" Very excellent" ( Anonymous)

Health & Safety Course Feedback

" Well organised and presented, enough information given. Will recommend to others." (Anonymous)

" This course must continue to help many lives." (Anonymous)

" Makes you aware of procedures in the work place" (Anonymous)

" Really enjoyed the session" ( Anonymous)