Joining as a Member


 A Membership fee will be applied at the time of registration and will not exceed the amount of 75 GBP per year for each Leader and Regular Members fee will not exceed 45 GBP yearly and overseas the equivalent to the used currency. (review after 24 Months). The membership fee will be treated as an investment which in turn will be used to accomplished the objectives/purpose of Kingdom Government.



 General Member: No person shall be admitted a member of Kingdom Government unless he or she is approved by the Leaders/commitee of Kingdom Government.


Every person who wishes to become a member shall provide to Kingdom Government an application for membership in such form (and containing such information) as required by him or her.


Member privileges will be provided in detail in the KG Members Principles Document once membership is accepted and depending on level of member and membership fee subscribed to.


Withdrawal of Membership


 a)      Membership is not exchangeable to anyone else.

 b)      At withdrawal a percentage only of membership fee will be refunded.

 c)      Membership is concluded if:


·         The member becomes deceased.

·         Sends a written notification of withdrawal.



For more informtion and expressed interest please email us at: